MCV UK – Regional Spotlight Hamburg


Hamburg isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the German games industry. And yet. Maybe it should.

The northern Germany city is home to over 200 games businesses and a breeding ground for creativity and growth in the industry.

Some of the biggest German games companies have chosen Hamburg as their base of operations including Bigpoint, Daedalic, Fishlabs, InnoGames, and many many more, with free-to-play and browser games historically being the city’s forte.

Michael Zillmer, COO at InnoGames
Michael Zillmer, chief operating officer at InnoGames, tells us a bit more about what led the now development giant to Hamburg.

“What first attracted us were the opportunities and resources available for a growing company,” he says. “What is now InnoGames began as a hobby in 2003 in the suburbs of Hamburg, in a place called Stade.

“With the success of the first game, Tribal Wars, we decided to work full time on the development of the title and in 2007 InnoGames was founded. As the company grew and became more successful, we needed to move to a larger location that would help us attract international talent. In 2008, we moved to Hamburg and then into our current office in 2016. Hamburg has a strong reputation in the games industry and offers an extensive network with many other companies in the games and digital industries located here.”

Leading games publication 4Players, launched in 2000 and which also owns player engagement platform Scill and server provider 4Netplayers, ended up in Hamburg a bit coincidentally but has not looked back since.

CEO Phillip Schuster says: “The decision to move from Munich to Hamburg was made around 13 years ago. Originally, we were brought in to be closer to our former parent company, but since then we found love for the Hamburg way of life and being part of an active video games industry.”

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