4Players-Mobile – Open Beta Launch


We are happy to announce the open beta launch of our new mobile website. From now on everyone can try 4Players-Mobile on smartphones and tablets at: https://mobileapp.4players.de.

Thanks again to all 4Players-pur-readers for their feedback on the closed beta! In the last few weeks we have been able to implement many of your suggestions regarding layout, technology and functionality, so this version offers some significant new features:

  • Switch can be selected individually in the filter.
  • The scroll position in the stream is saved when you read a test in the stream and then go back – but this is still “alpha”, i.e. there may still be problems.
  • We have reworked the What’s Hot section and the navigation: There are now three important sections: “What’s new” with everything that’s new; “What’s hot” with the most important games, discussions and topics for everyone who isn’t always up to date or doesn’t want to be, and “Find games” for everyone who’s just looking for certain content.
  • The sorting of comments can now be adjusted in the settings (tap on the profile picture/name in the menu after login and then change the sorting of comments in the Settings tab).
  • There are now some tips & trick boxes with hints from our developers, but you can hide them if you don’t want to see them anymore.
  • The stream is now more clearly divided into “All Content”, “Tests and Reports” only, and “Videos” only. Videos on the other hand only show our exclusive formats like video tests, 4Players talk, etc. The filter can, however, be deactivated directly below the selection.
  • Tap on the comment icon to get directly to the comments, you don’t have to scroll down the whole report or the news first.
  • All comments are now synchronized with the portal, i.e. if you post a comment in the mobile web, it will end up in the portal and vice versa.

What we are still working on:

  • Gesture support and better usability in the stream (especially when saving the position).
  • Standardization of the watchlist with the portal.
  • Inserting Likes into the Desktop Portal.
  • And more…