4Netplayers: Exclusive FS 19-Deal

4Netplayers FS19

Autumn is here, time to bring in the harvest and after two years, it’s also time for a new version of top-seller Farm Simulator. At the end of November (20.11.2018) the latest version of the series will be released and will combine proven content with a huge amount of new features (e.g. John Deere vehicles).

As one of the leading providers of game and teamspeak servers, 4Netplayers will of course offer FS 19 servers, on which you can set your own rules and play with up to 15 friends. Pre-order your server today for only 0,99 Euro in the first month and get access right at launch day.

As a bonus, all pre-orders will also receive a discount code for the purchase of the digital Farm Simulator 19 version from our partner Gamesplanet. This code can even be used for up to four times to let your family or friends also benefit from it!

Further information can be found at www.4Netplayers.com