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4PLAYERS GMBH - With the renowned games magazine, the digital eSports magazine and the Europe-wide server provider 4Netplayers, 4Players is one of the most successful providers of digital content and services in the gaming world. With SCILL Play, 4Players also presents an innovative platform in which players challenge themselves for honor and rewards.

In 2018 the Hamburg-based company has been selected as Marquard Media Group's innovation centre, developing future digital offerings under the motto 'create. connect. transact.'.


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EDITORIAL CONTENT is one of the oldest and leading German online games magazines. Founded it 2000, the dedicated team delivers daily news, previews, reviews and videos for PC and console games.
4Netplayers is one of the largest game server provider in Europe and proud to be official TeamSpeak partner.  
Marquard Media Group is evolving Hamburg as its Europe-wide innovation centre and 4Players GmbH takes a leading role to develop new products.


SCILL Play, 4Players' latest innovation project, adds a new layer of engagement to existing and future games. 
The second-screen app, developed for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets,
 integrates seamlessly into supported games and allows players to challenge their own performance in real time. Successful challenges are rewarded with achievements, leaderboard entries and exclusive rewards.

 Play opens up new possibilities for players and publishers alike and deepens their gaming experience even further.

4PLAYERS.DE is one of the oldest German online games magazines. Since its launch in 2000, the dedicated team delivers daily news, previews, reviews and videos for PC, console games and board games. With its independent coverage, the competent editorial staff works under the motto "Critical. Honest. Subjective" and secures its firm place in the hearts of its readers.

Coverage and discussions are reinforced by a lively social media strategy, using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


4NETPLAYERS is one of the largest game server providers in Europe, offering state-of-the-art cloud storage and a powerful web interface for more than 15 years.

A competent team looks after over 60,000 customers and ensures smooth operation. A link to the backbone, as well as the hosting in different data centers, guarantee an excellent performance 24/7.

For its business clients, 4Netplayers offers tailor-made solutions such as video and content delivery, as well as CDN services.



eSports is booming and shaping the digital entertainment industry. Since 2005 the editors are dedicating themselves to competitive gaming, publishing daily news, reports and statistics. The loyal community grows steadily and is a cornerstone of the new strategy. Since 2019 Readmore also covers online tournaments and live events.


The Marquard Media Group is evolving Hamburg into the company's Europe-wide innovation center. Under the direction of Bijan Khezri, CEO and Chairman of the Group Management Board, and the motto “create. connect. transact.” new digital offers and services are being developed.
For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.
– Margaret Heffernan
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